Compression Top - Catalyst Series

Catalyst series - Compression Long Sleeve Top

Juuze compression long sleeve top features gradient compression technology to your upper body to support forearms, triceps, biceps, pectorals + deltoids and also reducing the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, which helps in faster recovery from hard workouts. Juuze compression garment provide increased flexion and extension, which could help reduce risk of injury and promote greater postural awareness. We have included stretch mesh panels for added breathability too.

Whether you play hours of ball games, golfing or cycle for a good performance result, or just have a hard workout in the gym, Juuze long sleeve top is a must for any athlete with upper body demand. Our "hybrid technology" engineered structures - by integrating two different materials particularly on the arms which employs a flat lock seam and raglan sleeve construction,  would reduce the risk of sprain and injury while you workout.

Juuze long sleeve top incorporates design that standout from the crowd while enhancing sport performance. Our unique two-color combination design provides the option of matching your attire to the way you like to be. These colors/designs are specially integrated into our fabric that will ensure no shrinkage and color runs after wash. So whether you wear the long sleeves top with or without the outer apparel, you will always feel and look good in it.

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Catalyst Compression Long Sleeve top (Red/White)
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