Juuze Origin

The Juuze Origin

Juuze started in 2010 with a vision to create an innovative and style-centric range of apparels and accessories.

Every product idea comes from a thorough research that provides thoughtful solutions that complement and enhance the sporting experience.

Juuze has carved out a niche within the sports industry by providing wellness, optimal performance, comfort and style that makes a difference.

Juuze markets its line of products as a differentiator to existing sport apparels by selecting quality fabrics that matched with quality construction; providing a unique user experience that contributes towards feeling and looking good.

Benefits of Our Sports Compression wear:

  • UV Protection + Comfort
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Increasing athletic performance
  • Style Matters – Each product has its unique design which makes it a fashion statement

The Juuze Differentiation
Because we are different.
We seek to be different in all aspects of our business not for just wanting to be different. But because it brings benefits.


We constantly explore better options whether in the fabric, construction or design to bring about a better apparel. The same process applies to our Juuze accessories as well. Our motto is ”The Best Is Yet To Be”.


We use material for our packaging that is environmentally-friendly and in a form that is easy to be transported and with information that is adequate for customer’s understanding of the product. The efficiencies from this process would then be passed on to our dealers and customers.

Marketing and Promotion

We will seek out all possible avenues to market the Juuze uniqueness and where possible, promote testing and trying via exhibitions and road shows as the engagement of the user experience is invaluable to our constant strive for the next better product.

Before and After Sales Service

We provide training for our retailers who in turn extend the service to end-customers. We understand that communication is required at many levels and in order to have a holistic approach we will need to open all possible avenues for feedback so that Juuze can continually be better in sensing and serving the market’s needs.

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