Why Juuze?


Our apparel is offered in a variety of styles and intended to enhance comfort and mobility while regulating body temperature and improving performance regardless of weather condition. Our Sports Compression apparel is engineered to replace traditional non-performance fabric. The range is marketed to tell a very simple story about our sport and lifestyle-designed products that span across apparels and accessories.

 What's so great About Compression gear Anyway?

Compression gear are becoming more common among successful athletes. Any sports enthusiast knows that the tiniest amount of inches and small amounts of time makes a huge difference in performance. Optimum performance is essential in almost all sports, and a compression gear can help. These garments can be used by almost any athlete, from basketball players to cyclists to running and golfing.

Both women and men's compression are made from a thin, stretchy material that is very light and does not restrict movement. These gear are designed to fit snugly around the body for maximum comfort. The benefits of compression gear and other clothing include:  

–      Controls moisture and sweat from the body
–      Aids muscle motion for athletes
–      Helps runners achieve longer strides
–      Help athletes keep a proper posture
–      Makes muscles more powerful and reduces muscle vibration
–      Helps with a healthy blood circulation throughout the body
–      Helps to prevent muscle fatigue and cramps
–      The fabric used discourages bacteria growth and prevents body odour
–      Maintaining a perfect temperature for the body. This is especially important for outside activity, since cold air can
        retract the muscles. When muscles are retracted, they are more vulnerable to injury


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